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Richland Roofing pros focus on delivering genuine customer service. We have built our roofing company to an industry-leading reputation throughout the years. If you are looking for reliable and quality roofing installations, repairs, or assessments, you can turn to our professionals. Our experts offer real, honest, and valuable advice to clients who are searching for results without breaking the bank. Find the right service for your residential or commercial needs by giving a call to our roofing experts, and schedule an appointment for someone to come to your property for a quote today. You are sure to be surprised and delighted by our attention to detail, outstanding industry knowledge, and passion.

About Us 

Founded many years ago, we have been advocates for providing our community members with superior service and affordable results. We also work hard for all clients who walk through our door looking for high-quality, properly installed, and repaired roofing services. Throughout our years of loyal service to our community, we have grown thanks to the reviews of residential and commercial customers drastically. We will continue to better ourselves and our services to fulfill each client’s diverse and essential needs who rings our phone or sends an email.

Our Roofing Services

Finding what you are looking for has never been easier when it comes to all things roofing! Our services are diverse and customizable to fit the unique situations that our clients face. Finding the right experts to perform our roofing installations, repairs, and maintenance is essential to the positive experience that we deliver to customers throughout Richland. Our services  are performed by licensed and insured individuals and constantly supervised by a foreman contractor on-site. We offer residential and commercial roofing, roofing installations, roof repairs, roof inspections and, of course, maintenance! If you require professional, proven service providers for your roofing needs, call us today.

Along with metal roofing, copper roofs are becoming more popular again, and they look amazing! Their beauty and elegance are unmatched. These roofing choices can boost your properties appeal and value. The most popular and affordable choice of roofing material is asphalt shingles. There are a few varying options of life expectancy, shingle weight and cost to choose from. Asphalt shingles can also come in various colors to match your home exterior and give you that pop you are looking for. ​Give us a call today to talk about your roofing color, style, material and durability options for your new home, and let us answer any of your questions! Let us help make your new home perfect.

Residential Roofing

Residential roofing needs are met and exceeded by our professional, all-inclusive services. We take on projects throughout Richland and the surrounding areas armed with the equipment and the experience to help residential customers like you through roof repairs, installations, and maintenance. Your residential needs are met and exceeded by our team members every day when Richland Roofing Company is on the job site. From roofing installations to repairs and everything in between, your residential property will be adequately taken care of for a fair price by our established roofing contractors. We offer a range of different roofing materials for your home as well. 

One of the most popular roofing material choices is a metal roof. A metal roof will hold up to any weather storms and will last for a lifetime. And they look great to boot! Metal roofs are becoming more and more affordable, although they are still more on the pricey end of roofing materials, but remember- you won’t ever have to replace a metal roof! Having that peace of mind may make a metal roof the choice for you!

Commercial Roofing

The installation and repair processes on commercial roofing can differ widely from residential projects. We are well equipped to handle the specific needs of commercial clients with our industry-leading tools utilized by our certified contractors. Whether you are looking to repair, maintain, replace, or inspect your commercial roof, Richland Roofing Company is ready and able to handle the task. Customer satisfaction is a key priority for us when it comes to your business. We don’t just say it, we practice it. Every client that trusts us with their business is assured that we will give them our all. 

We have a reputation to uphold and standards that are the same for every customer. The other reason to choose us as the professional roofing contractor is we have much more experience than the average roofer. We have been in the business for several years and know how to treat each individual customer based on their unique needs. Our goal is to have people come across your business and want to get in because of genuine attraction. Our designs are structured to help you achieve this regardless of the target market or the scope of the business. The economy, especially after the pandemic, has made some businesses feel they have to cut corners. However, roofing is something that ought not to be compromised. Your businesses’ roofing has to be in the best condition for the rest of the establishment to need less replacement or even repairs. Regardless of whether there is a need for repair or replacement, it would be best to get a roofing company with the right staff who can assess the situation and give the answers needed. You also get to reduce the costs overall. By hiring professional roofing platforms such as ours, it is possible to reduce expenses. As the best roofers in the area, we are aware of the best places to source quality tools at the best rates. We will do what needs to be done at an affordable rate which will be discussed with you before beginning the tasks.

There are several types of roofs available in the market, and you need a quality platform to distinguish which one is the best. The professional should know the difference between the needs of a residential and commercial roof. The demands of a roof needed for business happen to be more complicated than that of residential roofing. Several of the commercial variety, for example, are flat surfaced and need more manpower to implement. In these activities, safety is also a significant priority even for the experienced roofing specialist. At Richland Roofing, we prioritize the safety of both our personnel and that of your family and even bystanders because there are chances they could become injured by falling equipment and other freak accidents. We utilize the best equipment and initiate high-quality safety standards for all activities on site. In addition, we also come with a top-notch insurance package in the event of any unavoidable incidences. You will not have to worry in case of any unforeseen incidents on your property. Call us now for your customized evaluation and quote or to gain more information from any one of our roofing experts on staff. Commercial roofing projects are completed with efficiency, affordability, and of course with quality. We have several different roofing materials available for commercial roofing as well. Give us a call today, and we will walk you through your options of color, style, durability, maintenance and cost, as well as answer all of your questions! 

Asphalt shingle roofing is the most popular and affordable roofing option. There are differing options of life expectancy, shingle weight and cost. Asphalt shingles can also come in a variety of colors to match your home exterior. If you aren’t sure what type of roof you want or can afford, give us a call, and we can walk you through your options; that’s what we are here for!

New Construction

Building a new home is a very exciting venture and probably the largest purchase a homeowner will make. So make sure your roof is installed by the best professionals around! Your roof protects your family and all your valuables, so make sure it is done right the first time! A simple call will connect you with our experienced and educated team members who have the skills to complete your new roof with efficiency and quality. We offer a range of different roofing materials from asphalt shingle to metallic, depending on which you would prefer and the cost, of course. Each has its own set of pros and cons that you would have to consider as well.

Metal roofs are wanted for their aesthetics as they will increase the resale value of the property. You don’t have to worry about snow, wind or rain wearing them down nearly as much as other materials. There are other metallic options to consider such as steel, aluminum and copper. The latter is becoming one of the more popular options because of its durability and cost effectiveness. It also gives a lot of beauty to the home.

Roof Replacement

Eventually, there comes a time when your roof will need to be replaced, whether it be a commercial or residential building. When it comes time to replace your existing roof, one simple call will connect you to experienced and exceptional experts in the industry. Roofing replacement is a decision that is arrived at following an intensive assessment of your needs and the state of the current one. It should be when there is no alternative as concerns repair. Fortunately, we do not prioritize our bottom line above the needs of our customers, so this is not something you will need to worry about. There are benefits, however, to replacing the roof on your property.

The first is the level of energy efficiency you get to achieve. It does not matter what type of roof you settle on; you will probably get better utility bills at the first of the month. When the roofing deteriorates, you lose a lot of heat at night, so the temperature controls work overtime to keep your home warm. During the day, it is also harder to maintain cool, especially during hot summers. It also adds value to the home. The roof is one of the first things that a person notices about the house, and it pays to have a better roof than the neighbors if you are placing it on the market.

A new roof is not one of those sunk costs. In fact, you are likely to recoup at least 70% percent of your cost with the efficiency of a new roof. It would also be advisable if it is within control to do the replacement during the summer for installation purposes. The cold weather tends to slow down activities. The used materials can also become somewhat brittle, so it is a bit harder for them to be laid. Our team can complete roof replacements quickly, efficiently and will stay on budget! We only utilize the very highest quality materials, tools, and individuals to complete your roof replacement. You are sure to be surprised and delighted with your outstanding finished product and the price tag attached.

Some leaks are hard to find. At times the water comes at a spot that is not at the ceiling spot. If your vapor barrier is located between the drywall and the attic insulation, then it is possible to push it aside and search for flow stains on the plastic. A lot of the time, water goes to the openings in the vapor barrier. If there are no signs of flow marks and because the stain is small, then the underside of the roofing is the best bet on account of the shiners. These are points of moisture accumulation that freezes when the temperature is cold and drips water later when it becomes warm. It is where water damage would come from, and it is something that we watch out for when conducting inspections. A small roof repair after a windstorm or fallen limb could save you thousands or tens of thousands when a major leak begins down the road. So don’t wait to give us a call and save yourself the stress of finding water damage and ruined priceless valuables! Call our team for more information or to book your free, on-site assessment today! We deliver real results to real people who need them.

Roof Repair

Repairs are necessary! No roofing system can avoid maintenance or repairs throughout the life span that it provides. Whether the deterioration comes from wear and tear, environmental factors, or elements, your roof will likely require proper care throughout the years of use. The best time to ignore the status of the roof is when things are supposedly going well. It is the same thing when it comes to the car or something else around the house. Though you may not have to make significant changes to the roof, it would be advisable to avoid big roofing problems by allowing us to do the maintenance or at least perform inspections. It requires a high level of being proactive so that you can avoid as many issues as possible.

There are a few things that we can include within the checklist that should help you. For one, small repairs will outweigh the cost of time and the problems which come with larger repairs. The last thing you would want to do is a reallocation of the budget to distribute revenue to other things that you have been planning around the house. You would also be prolonging the lifespan of the roofing. It is possible to cut the problem at the source and improve the chances of having a long-lasting roof. If you wait around to get the right money, then the roof will not withstand the wear and tear that comes with the elements. Roofing repair can also help the health and safety within the house. Undetected leaks that come from roofing repair requirements can lead to mildew. It may take time for these to become problems in the long term, but constant exposure to rain and other elements can become a serious problem. The mold spores will eventually get into the interior space and cause respiratory problems for the family. If you perform the inspections on time, it will be possible to detect them and stop it from happening.

Roof Inspection and  Maintenance

Finding insured and licensed agents who can assess and repair your roofing installation is essential! You should get a roof assessment done every few years to see the extent of the need. If you wait too long before checking, you will definitely get a surprise concerning the damage, which could have been avoided had the smaller repairs been done quickly. 

Apart from helping the roof achieve the main potential and not having to make significant adjustments at bigger costs, there are many advantages to keeping up with the roof maintenance schedules. It improves the lifespan of the roof for one. As with any other machines, the roof is something that needs to be tended every so often. It is because it faces incredible resistance from the elements and other factors of damage. The factory machines are just as reliant on care because they are constantly exposed to industrial work, which wears on the parts. The same way these parts need replacement and care is similar to how your roof requires care. That is the only sure way to guarantee that it lasts for as long as the brochure prescribed. That, though, depends on the material. Some materials are indeed more durable than others, and you have to consider the climate of your location. Regardless, we will help you through the little things that you had not considered.

Even simple things like washing out the gutters and cleaning the ice dams are going to go a long way toward making sure that the roofing stays operational. You may have to repair or replace the roof with a new one at some point, but if you keep with the regular inspection and adjustment, then the time frame for the replacement will significantly increase. We are suited for this. Our team is equipped to handle maintenance and inspection services for residential and commercial clients throughout Richland and beyond. Our inspections are always thorough and conducted by credited individuals who are equipped to handle the assessment. Maintenance is necessary throughout the life of your roof, make sure that you are keeping your roof healthy and in check with the help of our maintenance services! Together we will come up with an inspection and maintenance schedule that you are happy with.

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